миссис Норрис
I used to care, but now I take a pill for that
Отличный фичок!

Rolling Stone, Oct. 5, 1999

The day Chuck turned 18 and Herc lost all control over his public image (already nominal, since he was technically a public figure) was the day that Herc’s sanity slowly started melting away. Three weeks legal and they have him doing some softcore pinup calendar for fundraising and awareness, like the PPDC isn’t funded by every country with a coastline and awareness isn’t raised every time a Kaiju attacks. But of course Chuck, the narcissistic little shit that he is, jumped at the idea of slutting it up for the camera and the PPDC and the whole goddamn world.

Chuck, in a dress, for a calendar, is going to be the death of Herc.

Я его пропустила при своем изначальном поиске по тэгам, потому что тэг пейринга там криво как-то проставлен, а он такой милый - я думала, что просто порн, но он душевный такой, и хот, и мимими - короче, речу! :heart:


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